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Photo By David Zearing (2003)


Latest Update (07/30/2010):

- Dan has just released new CD: "The Communion of Saints" (meditations for acoustic guitar) -- a collection of hymns and original arrangements for solo guitar, with keyboard accompaniment by Rónán Johnston.   You can purchase now on this site.


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Dan Carollo is a Seattle-area (currently living near Dublin, Ireland) finger-style and rhythm guitar accompanist who performs a blend of traditional Irish and American tunes, originals and hymns (primarily in DADGAD tuning). (read more here...)


NEW!  Available now!

The Communion of Saints

(meditations for acoustic guitar)

  $10.00 (free shipping for limited time)



Miles From Dublin, 2006

Listen to sample trailer...

  $10.00 (shipping included)

Waiting For Inspiration, 2004

Listen to sample trailer...

Out of Stock.  But available now on iTunes. Click here.